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Complete clinical record integrated in one tool

EMEhealth allows you to manage quickly all the care processes and clinical records, from the patient's entry to the emergency department to their exit from the emergency department, integrating with its infrastructure and current systems.

EMEhealth is designed to allow access to all the clinical information available, without overwhelming the user. Each screen shows the bare minimum data and allows access to more details if the clinician needs to.

Fewer errors, fewer oversights and less waiting time

We understand the complexity of the emergency care flows, and the problems related to coordination and communication amongst the health care team, the emergency department overflows and the limited resources some hospitals have, in addition to the issues caused by forgetting key aspects of the patients' care and the misunderstandings that can happen on ward change-of-shift.

EMEhealth allows to reduce patient waiting time and their stay in the emergency department, while supporting the health team in their process to prevent errors and improve communication during shift changes.

Better communication amongst the whole care team

We are aware that in many emergency departments, informal means of communication are used, simply due to their functionality. EMEhealth tries to centralize communications and clinical record in just one tool, so that every member of the health team is not only acquainted with what is happening with each patient, but receives notifications of important events. Everything in real time.

Better interconsultation with specialists

EMEhealth allows to request interconsultations with specialists, and simplifies their access to remote and quick care, even from their cell phones. This allows to seize time in cases where patients should be transported to the emergency department. Specialists could even respond to several interconsultations at the same time, while having full access to all the patients' clinical information in order to evaluate and determine a better care plan.

Better order follow up

EMEhealth's order management component is able to bring information to the health team about each patient's pending and fulfilled orders, along with detailed information of times, delays, and which professionals have done which tasks. This allows to have a better organized job, prevent oversights and accelerate care time.

Why EMEhealth?

EMEhealth is a system which adapts to the emergency department's way of working, not the other way around.

EMEhealth manages the care process from beginning to end, and it integrates into the already existing systems in your hospital: from patients management to digital imagery studies and lab results. It is also able to integrate into your current Electronic Health Record.

EMEhealth is designed to be used from desktop computers, notebooks, tablets and smartphones, so you can access when and where you need, while having an outstanding experience.

A key tool for computerization and improvement of emergency care processes

EMEhealth was conceived as a tool capable of supporting computerization processes in hospitals with inefficient ones, or those which still rely on paper-based information systems. Furthermore, EMEhealth fits perfectly for those hospitals with a certain development in digital clinical information management, but willing to improve their processes and optimize their resources. EMEhealth is a tool that suits you regardless the computerization state of your hospital.

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