EMEhealth: clinical management system for hospital emergency.

Better coordination and control of what is happening

Knowing "what is happening?" in the emergency department is a question which many clinical experts, chiefs of emergency staff, chiefs of emergency medicine, technical directors and hospital managers ask. EMEhealth was designed to answer that question, and so that all the parties are more capable of coordinating their processes and tasks.

Fewer errors, oversights and less risks for the patient

Knowing "what must be done", "what has already been done" and "what is being done at the moment" seems an easy task; however it is not. Countless times, communication is inefficient: shift changes in the emergency department are chaotic, doctors are exhausted and may forget to do or communicate vital elements of their patients' treatments, and so on.

Thus, resulting in longer waiting times and health care duration, hospitalizations which could have been avoided, and in some cases even threaten the patients' life. EMEhealth provides features to follow orders and requests, along with real time communication amongst health care team members, especially focusing on preventing mistakes and omissions.

Centralized communications in real time

The Emergency Department staff uses different means of communication -since coordination and communication are key aspects for patients' care, especially severe cases-. These communications are often held outside the hospital environment, through informal and insecure channels, such as Whatsapp messages or personal email accounts.

EMEhealth contains a real time communication tool which is embedded in the clinical record, so that every member of the health care team is able to exchange information about each patient. The integration with the clinical record allows having a clear context of the patients, their symptoms, evaluations, medical studies, monitoring, prescriptions, procedures, etc. while communicating with other professionals; hence, creating a safe and integrated centralized environment to facilitate communication amongst the whole health care team.


EMEhealth has numerous integration points, which is able to integrate the services that already exist in the hospital: such as patient admission, access to the current electronic medical records, communication of prescriptions and diagnostic results, integration with requests of interconsultation or referrals with specialists, and storing the emergency clinical records in the electronic medical record system of the hospital. We are experts in health systems integration.

Speeds care time and avoids unnecessary delays

Optimizing patient flow and time is not an easy task, and it depends on multiple factors. The addition of the inefficiencies of each little step of the care process, may generate delays which could be avoided with the right tools and processes. EMEhealth provides accurate management of orders, fulfillments and results, the complete management of the care process, the real time communication of the whole health care team, and the measuring of the time and delay of each step in the assistance processes. What is not measured, then it is not managed; what is not managed, is therefore not improved.

For desktop computers and mobile devices

EMEhealth is composed by two modules with the same features; nevertheless, they are adapted to be used differently according to the user's device. In desktop computers and notebooks, EMEhealth offers a very complete clinical dashboard, a general vision of the current state of the emergency, their patients, orders and its fulfillment state, access to past and current clinical records, in addition to the diagnosis studies performed. However, if you have a cell phone or tablet, EMEhealth is able to adapt to any screen size, showing fluid navigation amongst each section, accessing the same information one would from the computer. This is of special utility so as to allow doctors -who cannot be personally in the emergency department- to access patients' information, and evaluate it on their way.

Therefore, this contributes to lessen waiting time and to have a much quicker action plan.

Improve clinical management

EMEhealth allows to obtain reports of each case, detailing each specific event: from patient's admission, going through each evaluation and assessment, to orders, procedures, results, diagnosis, etc. - along with their execution time-. This allows to detect inefficiencies and so define actions to correct them, adding great value to the clinical management.

Complete clinical record

The emergency care processes may vary from patients with mild cases to those with severe ones. EMEhealth allows an accurate and complete clinical record of all types of patients to take place, granting the staff to register all the necessary information, according to each case.

Flexible and adaptable

EMEhealth is provided as a base product, which is able to be adapted to your particular needs. Everything is able to be modified and adapted: from the stages of the care process, to the fields in each form, including all texts, colors, etc.